Activities & FAQs


Due to renovations in the Youth Club Building we are currently running any after school activities in the Parish Centre.  Please note that due to Covid-19, there are no after school activities running at present.



BPYC collects the following information

Parent and Childs Name, Address, Telephone number, other/emergency telephone number. Main parent and Emergency contact details, Childrens ages and class in school, Allergies information & any other special requirements, consent to photography, Email Addresses, Garda Vetting Status and Training status.


This information is kept in order to safeguard children in the Youth Club, and provide up to date details in the event that a  volunteer supervisor needs to contact their parents in case any issue arises (e.g. feeling unwell and needing to go home).

This information is collected when signing up for membership or our summer project.  We keep copies of consent forms and also attendance records.

All consent forms and attendance forms must be kept until the young person is 21 years of age,.

Information obtained will only be used for the purpose for which it was sought.  Information obtained for one reason cannot be used for another. i.e. sharing information on a young person.

Volunteers at BPYC will only collect the minimum amount of personal information required and only share it on a need to know basis.

Information will be checked regularly (typically once a year) to ensure it is up to date.

All information will be stored in a safe location and disposed of when no longer required.

All information will be treated in strictest confidence by volunteers.

BPYC comply with the above principals and this will be checked by our Crosscare Officer.